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Louis Johnson rip

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It's just come to my attention that bass playing legend, Louis Johnson, died on the 21st of May 2015, I find it hard to believe that the passing of such an influential musician didn't get the media attention it deserved. Known for his work with The Brothers Johnson, Billy Preston and his work on Michael Jacksons, ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ albums Johnson was nicknamed ‘Thunder Thumbs’ for his aggressive, high speed slapping style. So influential was he that Leo Fender invited him to the Anneheim plant in 1976 where the MusicMan Stingray was built for his advice and input. Leo gave Louis ten Stingrays, each one different from the last. I know it's late but recognition should be given by this site to his input to the bass guitar. Rip
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Same thing with Victor Bailey this week - hardly any mention of his passing. Google his name - of the 10 entries on the first page, 6 are about a high school basketball player(!), and of the four about his passing, only two are in English. If I hadn't seen a few notices about it on bass-related Facebook groups I'd have missed it completely.

But someone who is famous for having big (ahem… ) “assets” farts and it's on the top of every news site.

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