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Best picks for bass?

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I'm pretty new to playing, and I was wondering what you guys think is good for picks. My friend who plays guitar gave me some picks that are 1.5mm from Dunlop, they're called max grip or something. Does anyone seem to enjoy these before I go and purchase some?
LoudLon [moderator]
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I primarily play finger style, but on those occasions when I do use a pick, I prefer thinner ones, usually something between .35 and .50mm. That's what I used when I played guitar for a decade and a half before switching to bass, so that's what I'm used to and most comfortable with. Although I did try a Herco Flex 50 .65mm nylon pick a while back and was surprised with how comfortable it felt. But for me, any thicker than that makes me feel like I'm plucking with a dinner plate.
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I'm the opposite of Lon. When I play guitar I like a thin pick, but for bass I prefer a thicker one. I feel it helps with the heavier strings.I like the Dunlop 1.55mm for bass. you could pry buy one of every size for under $1 total and just see what works best for you.
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Totally finger style, I find picks very uncomfortable and fast licks are easier with three fingers than one pick imo. But if you are early on in your bass playing, then getting used to picks will be a big advantage to you, as Goll says, picks are really cheap so buy a bag full and see which one you feel best with, and gives you the tone that you're after
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I'm not a pick player. Fingerstyle for me.

If I need a sharp tone or the ability to play faster than my fingers will run, I use my index fingernail.

I don't know what the thickness of my nail is.
It all boils down to personal preference. Buy a number of picks in different sizes and different materials. Also try grip pics if you've got sweaty fingers. Tortex, nylon, poly-carbonate and delrin are materials with different characteristics. I seldomly use a pick. My prefered materials are nylon and poly-carbonate. I prefer thicknesses between 0.5 and 0.8 mm.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm not a pick player. Fingerstyle for me.If I need a sharp tone or the ability to play faster than my fingers will run, I use my index fingernail.I don't know what the thickness of my nail is.

I do this as well on occasion.
I dont really do fingerstyle at all unless the part is muted or otherwise strikes me as different from the rest of the song. I prefer heavy picks, Dunlop Big Stubby 2.0 and 3.0 MM. I find that thinner picks are too flimsy and I have can tell when someone is using one that's too thin by the sound it makes when it flops over. Ive also used things that are not picks like credit cards and quarters.
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Had been using Dunlop Small Stubby 2mm until I found Stagg Touch 2mm picks that are almost identical and recently found a seller on eBay doing packs of 24 for £1.99 Inc postage

Not as clacky sounding as other picks I've used but Ernie Ball Cobalts do eat them up pretty quick
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Hi there. I play with my fingers as much as I can, but when I need to really move along and use a pick, I actually have 2 I like to use.

When I have to go full speed for 20 seconds I use Big Stubby 3.0. Purple, kind of see through. VERY durable! I mean you can play it, then go out and strip the sealant off the patio with it, then come back in and use it again and it'll play the same and look no different!

If I need to actually change strings and play more than just 2 notes over and over at top speed, I use a Dunlop 2.0 mm. It has an alligator on it and says Dunlop USA right below the gator. I don't remember the exact name. It is black and sold and really feels good in my hand!
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I've been stripping the sealant off my patio with a flexible stainless steel scraper and getting nowhere, thanks for the tip

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