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Intermittent problem with my Tanglewood/Orange set up !!

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Hi all,

I have a slight issue with my set up…..Active Tanglewood peacemaker 2(EMG pickups)+ Orange crush 25 amp. The last few mornings I have turned the bass on it has intermittently given me a weak overdrive sound then it switches back to a clean tone… there does not seem to be rhyme nor reason to it either… Orange have said they will swap the amp no problem but just want see if anyone know what else this could be before i do that…?

EMG pickups ?
Signal Cable ?
Active Battery ?
Amp ?


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The pick ups and their pre-amps are virtually bomb proof, start with the battery, then the lead, (cheapest first) then take Oranges' generous offer
Thanks Mark ive ordered new leads and a better battery, i read also that if you leave bass connected to the amp when not in use it can lead to the battery draining.

Question is would a weak battery lead it to intermittently change the tone ? I think it seems plausible.
I think it can, if the battery voltage is on the edge of just acceptable and too low. If you got a multimiter, you could measure the battery voltage.

Most active basses have the pre-amp switch integrated in the output socket. So if the bass is plugged in, the pre-amp is energized.
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Having a cable plugged into the output jack will enable the active circuit, which will drain the battery. Batteries don't last very long, and when they get low strange things can happen. It's an easy and cheap fix.
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Yes it's true, a weakened battery will effect the output of the pre-amp, and the Jack plug engages/disengages the circuit, so leaving it connected will drain the battery
changed the lead changed the battery havent had the problem since. cheers all.

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