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Fender vs Gallien Krueger

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Looking at a new amp. It's down to Fender Rumble 2x12 500 watt or Gallien Krueger 2x12 500 watt combos. Cost is similar. Fender slightly cheaper. GK is only 40 lbs. What are the collective thoughts?
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I have two GK cabs, 1 x 400 and 1 x 800, through an Orange head. The 400 weighs 15kg, the 800 2okg. Both are sensational and wont cause you lower back problems in the future.

As I live in a 2nd floor apartment with no elevator it was a simple choice and one I do not regret. I have had Fender in the past but would go GK in the future…
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Been using GK gear for decades and feel I get a fuller, rounder tone from my rig as opposed to Fender's Rumble series. The weight is important to me, as well. And by the way, I work in a music store, so I've played my share of different rigs.
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I've had a Rumble 500 combo for years and crank that bitch. Using pedals etc I have no problems finding just about any rock , punk rock or goth tone. Even some JJ Burnell stuff as well as G n R and Duff uses GK.
I owned both, the GK has a better, fully tone Period. The GK is worth the extra cash.
Went with the GK. I didn't want the floor model, so I have to wait until next week to pick it up. Can't wait!!!!!!!! It was on sale. Bonus

Anyone need a Peavey BW 150 watt tank? It only weighs 973 lbs
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No thanks, I have a 1975 Peavey TNT 150….and a bad back!
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Anyone need a Peavey BW 150 watt tank? It only weighs 973 lbs

I'll take it, if you deliver.
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And I thought my Yorkville was heavy…

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