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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. I'm Twiggybass's daughter and i was wondering if i could join your site? My dad said it was okay for me to join you all. Growing up with a music father, I have grown to love music and i am currently learning to play bass with my dad. Could i join you all? My name is Cher
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Welcome Cher! Glad to see you here. Hopefully, you will find some helpful friends and useful instruction here! cheers!
Yeah, please join. Cool!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Welcome aboard, Cher.
Welcome to the site Cher
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Welcome to the family, Cher, great to have you aboard
Thank you so much, everyone. I feel right at home

My dad told me to watch out for Marko

Does anyone remember this song?
It was the very first song I ever heard in my dad's car when I was 4.

There are a lot of helpful tabs and stuff here

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