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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. I'm Twiggybass's daughter and i was wondering if i could join your site? My dad said it was okay for me to join you all. Growing up with a music father, I have grown to love music and i am currently learning to play bass with my dad. Could i join you all? My name is Cher
Welcome Cher! Glad to see you here. Hopefully, you will find some helpful friends and useful instruction here! cheers!
Yeah, please join. Cool!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Welcome aboard, Cher.
Welcome to the site Cher
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Welcome to the family, Cher, great to have you aboard
Thank you so much, everyone. I feel right at home

My dad told me to watch out for Marko

Does anyone remember this song?
It was the very first song I ever heard in my dad's car when I was 4.

There are a lot of helpful tabs and stuff here

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