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Duff Signature Bass

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Anyone own a Duff Signature bass ? Thoughts ?
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I don't but I wouldn't mind one. I've always liked Duffs tone, and this bass comes with the best of both the J and P basses, most importantly a J bass neck. It has a master TBX tone circuit and comes equipped with slightly light gauge strings, .45-.100, but at £750 I won't be getting one.
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I played one at the Fender factory in Corona a few years ago. Nice neck, sound was great. I compared it to the Deluxe Active Precision bass, with the difference being in the finishes and the electronics. The Deluxe sounded better to me, the TBX circuit just didn't have as much versatility as the active setup in the Deluxe.

For $250 more (now just $200 with the new Deluxe models, which look better to me) I thought the special neck-plate on the Duff was pretty expensive.

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