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Finding a new band

I recently left a band due to some differences. What is the best way for me to find new people with similar mindsets and goals?
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I dont know if cloning is really a realistic option.
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I dont know if cloning is really a realistic option.

Yeah, too many bassists and all you could do is covers of Big Bottom…

Go out to see bands in your local area. Talk to them between sets and after the gig, and notice who else is talking to them, and strike up conversations with those people, too. The guy asking the guitarist about his pedal board probably plays guitar, and anyone chatting up the drummer plays drums. You never know, the bassist may have been a sub and there's your opportunity.
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I'm not sure what you mean by “differences” and looking for people with similar “mind sets”.

If you're referring to maturity and high-level type goals, then yes, keep searching for that.

But if the differences are petty or trivial, then you should give diversity in thought and approach a deeper consideration.

Having everyone with similar tastes and backgrounds will only get you so far. Having differences can also be a welcome to expanding on creativity and pushing you into areas of discomfort for the sake of learning new techniques or styles.

I wouldn't discredit “differences” unless your mates were racist hate mongers. Then I support looking for more productive and sensible relationships.
It is not that I was against musical differences, I encouraged them. It was my band mates that took issue with them and said I did not fit the image they were going for. I think learning different styles is great, especially combining different styles.
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Ah, so when you say you left, you really mean your band mates asked you to leave because they don't appreciate diversity.

Got it.

You're better off without them.
Yes, that is what happened. They were very set on being a thrash band and not going outside of that at all, and I was willing to play it, but they were very concerned with image.

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