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I will be taking a week off to spend with Cher

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Holly M - 1985 - 2016

I'm deeply devastated to say that Holly passed away last night. I have been broken with my daughter Cher all morning. She died in her sleep :'(
We got to the hospital last night with flowers and a smile on our face when the doctor told me and dropped me to my knees.

I feel alone and broken to pieces. Holly saved my life and gave us a priceless daughter we named after Cher in 2008 now I'm just devastated.

You guys are family to me, thank you for your support. I will taking a week off to be with Cher. I'm can't imagine myself doing anything but being with her right now and I don't want to do anything.

I wish I was taken not her :')

Posts: 624
Posts: 624
Holly M. 1985 - 2016
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There really aren't words that are adequate. Very sorry for your loss, Twiggybass.
I sincerely feel sorry for you and the ones dear to you.
So sorry for your loss Twiggy…
LoudLon [moderator]
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She's lovely, Chris.

Take as long as you need, my friend. We're not going anywhere.
So sorry to hear that Chris. Take the time you need with your daughter.
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Just woke up to this news, I'm totally devastated for your loss bro.
Goodnight Holly, God Bless
I can't imagine how difficult this is for you and I wish that words could help. Hold on to your daughter and you'll find the strength together.

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