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Thank you guys :)

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You guys are great. When I saw the messaged I got a few dry eyes. If I could meet you all, Marko, Lon, Motor; I would buy you each a 24 pack of beer

Um…Holly is not doing well at the moment. I'm with her everyday but she asked me to tell you guys “YOU ROCK.”

She heard a song that was recorded by some friends of mine.
The Matt Comeau Band and I was wondering if you could tab one of their songs so I could play it for her because she loves it. I just don't have the time Lon.


It's track 4 called The One
She would love to hear it

You guys are great people and I thank you for all your support.
Holly asked me today “Is Marko from the UK?| and I said ”Yes, I believe so“ and she said
”There are so many great singers from Britain. Did you know Boy George is from Britain"
I laughed a little
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Holly, you are gonna beat this, all of us at BBT are behind you 100%. Also, yeah, me and MotorMog are from the UK, as is Boy George, George is whats known as ‘London Irish’. Incidentally, MotorMog uses the same tailor as George and shares his penchant for big daft hats but dont tell him I told you.
As we say up here in Geordieland, “Get well soon pet”
LoudLon [moderator]
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Shit. Chris, I'm sorry, but I'm about to head out of town for a week. I'd be happy to tab it when I get back, though.
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That would be fine Lon

Holly says when she gets better, she wants you to teach her bass.
Holly - “You're not allowed. It's has to be Lon.”
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MotorMog uses the same tailor as George and shares his penchant for big daft hats

Daft Daft you say

Marko it's not fashion darling it's my Guinness sun shade to keep me pints at optimum supping temperature !!!

To hold a parasol,bass and pint at the same time

Thats daft

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Haha, Mog, you so craaaazeeeee
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Just reading above, I'm not sure of your situation, however my wife & I have you and Holly in our thoughts and prayers.


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