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Viola Beach R.I.P.

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Four members of young UK indie rock band Viola Beach and their manager have died in a horrifying car crash in Sweden.

As BBC reports, Kris Leonard (19), River Reeves (19), Tomas Lowe (27), Jack Dakin (24) and manager Craig Tarry (32) were killed when their car plunged over 80 feet (25m) from a highway bridge into a canal.

Two of the members were only 19, that is just so heartbreaking!
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Its an absolutely shocking tragedy, my thoughts are with their families. It seems they were destined for higher things, their next gig being in Austin, Texas. R I P
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'd never heard of this band but just looking at their ages, the fact that they were on the up-and-up – this is terrible. My heart goes out to their family and friends.
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My heart goes out to their friends. This is awful

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