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Any more Soft Cell

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Mine would be:
Song - Torch, album - Non Stop Erotic Cabaret & 12" mix - Torch.
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Song = Secret Life (For the moment)
Album = Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (No Surprise!)
12" mix = Memorabilia
The song has to be Tainted Love, obvious I know but Say Hello Wave Goodbye is a very, very close second.
The album is Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, as good as the other albums are they never topped their debut.
The 12" mix is Tainted Dub, just a brilliant mix.
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Oooohhh I Love Tainted Dub! Most of their 80's 12" mixes were sensational. Am I biased? YES!!!
bass freak
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Softcell62 you are to Soft Cell what I am to Joy Division, 100% biased & devoted!!!!
If you can't be biased about your favourite band then what can you be biased about?
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LOL, oh I'm biased & proud about Soft Cell for sure! I never tire of them & I'll try & push their music onto anyone that will listen. I'm so pleased that bassm99 wanted to tab as many songs as he has. To think just over a year ago there was only 2 songs tabbed for bass available on the net.
So bassm99, any more Soft Cell you are working on?
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I have gone quiet on the Soft Cell tabbing but I was last working on Baby Doll. I'll need to go back to see if I can finish it.
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Oh I'd like to see you finish Baby Doll, really like that song!
Thanks for tabbing Insecure Me bassm99, one of my most loved B-Sides.

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