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Bass amp problem!

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Hi guys,

Just came to practice on my bass, turned my amp on and the amp is giving a full blown continuous noise out. I turned everything down and turned it back on and the noise is still full blast. I thought it may be the cable so I tried my other amp and it worked fine.

What I don't get is that I only used it a few hours ago and it was working fine anybody have any ideas??

The amp is a Fender Rumble 75

Ive moved various nobs on it up and down but the noise is still there.

Ive unplugged and tried using the 2nd input but still the noise bellows out.

Its not a buzz noise its a boom.

Hope this info helps!


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Is the power source the same?
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Managed to fix it!

I removed the grill from the top of the amp and blew into it, seemed to fix it haha!!

That was a relief, thanks anyway

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