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Acoustic Bass Strings

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I am working another barter. This time for an acoustic/electric bass guitar. It needs new strings. Would you use different strings than on an electric bass?
Would you use different strings than on an electric bass?

I think so yes. Most acoustic/electric instruments have a piezoelectric pickup and since its non magnetic the strings would not necessarily be metal. I use Musiciansfriend.com for my gear and they have a small section for acoustic bass strings.

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You can use regular bass strings if you wan but I think there are strings specifically for acoustic basses. I also see a lot of people using tapewounds
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I just bought some cheap roundwounds for my cheap acoustic/electric bass.
They work fine and give a good sound.

One thing I don't like is bronze acoustic strings, just ugh..
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Carvin ships their acoustic bass with LaBella TapeWound strings. Carvin also has the best price for the strings. I've used these strings and like them. They are on the fat side though, might have to widen the slots in your nut to accommodate them.
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Generally, electromagnetic pick ups require ferrous strings, whereas an acoustic or piezo electric dont
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I have flatwounds on my Charvel Surfcaster AEB. That piezoelectric pickup in it is so sensitive that it was picking up any and all finger motion against the roundwounds that were on it. Yeah, I know that's a technique issue as much as anything, and I'm working on it, but they did enhance the thunky “beating a hollow log with a branch” tone it gets when you play hard, which is good in my book.

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