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Merry Christmas

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Have a good one you lot

Last day of work for me and then not back til Jan 4th

Looking forward to a nice break and getting to grips with this beat buddy mini drum pedal which arrived yesterday ,whilst consuming copius amounts of Guinness of course

Also cheers to admin and the regulars for making this such a great resource and cool place to visit

Not forgetting a big thanks to Sid for tabbing my SLF and Old Firm Casuals requests, top job mate

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All the best Mog, and everyone else of course, I've heard good things about the Beat Buddy, tagline is something like, ‘A real drummer in a stompbox’.
A very happy Christmas to everyone and hope the new year goes better than you hoped for.
johnny [staff]
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Merry Christmas guys, have a good one! And all the best in 2016!
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Its been a great year for Bass playing…looking forward to 2016. Merry Christmas everyone.
Be safe and kind to one another.
\m/ \m/

LoudLon [moderator]
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Merry Christmas all. May you finally get that live-in maid-slash-sex-slave you've always wanted. And if not, maybe a socket set or a tie something.

Merry merry!
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Ha! I got the French Maid/Sex Slave last year but later on needed to remove a 10mm cap screw, absolutely useless
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Best wishes all!

Thanks MotorMog for the cheers. Let us know what you think of the Beat Buddy once you've had some time to play with it.
…and a healthy, musical and prosperous 2016 to all!
Merry Christmas to all of the awesome bass heads on this site.
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Seasons greetings to everyone.

I'm almost mirroring MotorMog, the only difference is I'll be trying to come to grips with a zoom b3.
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Merry Christmas fellow cable thumpers!

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