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I hope pretenders stuff shows up. The bass for my city is gone is slightly wrong.
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Have a look on, Pretenders, The Bass tabs, The Pretenders being the bands official name

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The bass for my city is gone is slightly wrong.

They're both close - at least they have the main riff right. There are a lot of fills that I do on that riff because even a cool riff gets boring after a while - I'll include them as well.
It's funny this comes up. I have an interview with Chrissie coming up
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Ask her about her arranged marriage with Sid Vicious so she could stay in the UK, which never came off
I never knew abut this LOL
I will tab the my city is gone song.
It's almost finished. A few more days
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Baah - Twiggy will produce a better version than I play, so I'll just hang it up. I have the notes, just not the timing (that 2/4 section at the end of the chorus…
Chrissie completely screwed me on th interview. I'm really upset about this. I supported this band for over 20 years and she told me “I'm not good enough to talk to” Because the radio station I work for is not fucking CBC. I don't know what to make from this. She said “Yes, sure.” than “Maybe” and now a spit it the face
Tab is almost finished.

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