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Postmodern Jukebox tabs

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Hi All

I Looking for pmj tabs but I don't found. Someone have it?

Or one of you could make a Creep tab:

(sorry i don't speak English very well )

Thanks in advance
This is a Cover Song - original artist is RADIOHEAD
You will find tabs for this song using the above artist.
Thanks for reply
I know creep is a song by Radiohead but the PMJ version is a little different.
Unfortunately, i can't transcript by ear
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Give the original tab a try - you might surprise yourself by finding the changes on your own. The only way I know to get better at transcribing is to do it, and adjusting existing tabs is a good way to get started with it.

thanks for replies.
Here is the link to the tabs : http://1drv.ms/1Mp25NX.
You can find the original file by radiohead and my early transcript (I try to transcribe but is very hard for me )
Thanks for your help.

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