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Postmodern Jukebox tabs

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Hi All

I Looking for pmj tabs but I don't found. Someone have it?

Or one of you could make a Creep tab:

(sorry i don't speak English very well )

Thanks in advance
This is a Cover Song - original artist is RADIOHEAD
You will find tabs for this song using the above artist.
Thanks for reply
I know creep is a song by Radiohead but the PMJ version is a little different.
Unfortunately, i can't transcript by ear
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Give the original tab a try - you might surprise yourself by finding the changes on your own. The only way I know to get better at transcribing is to do it, and adjusting existing tabs is a good way to get started with it.

thanks for replies.
Here is the link to the tabs : http://1drv.ms/1Mp25NX.
You can find the original file by radiohead and my early transcript (I try to transcribe but is very hard for me )
Thanks for your help.
The original bass line is just the root rhythmically played and then drops down occasionally to the fourth, occasionally a little walkup to the octave.

4/4 time signature Key of G, perfect for a beginner (G, B, C, Cm).

The PMJ version is in 12/8, Key of F, starts out simple and then starts walking as the song builds.

When I'm looking for bass lines, and the guitar tab websites fail, I'll often look for piano / sheet music and/or go looking on musescore.org …



Not complete, but will get you a long way there.
Oh dear! The replies! You really think the original version of Creep is anything like the Postmodern Jukebox version? Go to Youtube and learn how incredibly wrong you are. That's like the worst advice ever.

I made tabs for this and three other PJ songs (All About That Bass, Ooops I Did It Again, and Seven Nation Army). If this request wasn't from four years ago, I'd post mine.
Hello OrangeJulius,

I am still interested in this tab, please

Thanks a lot !


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