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Rickenbocker my ass

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Wow 2 trus rods because of twisting and you cant get a socket on the nuts because its too tight, not enough space. The pick ups SUCK and have ZERO power. the mid pick up has a cover right where you want to play it and the p/u switch is there as well so you hit it all the time. the controls are all over the place and you get nothing out of them, Biggest surprise is the pick ups. They are like dead. You get nothing out of them, No punch shitty tone IDK what anyone sees in these things. I found a Squire to be a better bass. I picked up a Fender p bass and it was like night and day.

$2000 for a Rick half ass bass and I can get two Fenders that will knock down walls out of the box for that price Very disappointed
Rics have a sound of their own compared to a traditional P or J Bass.
If you are attempting to adjust the dual truss rod for relief, you need to loosen all strings to remove the tension for it to move. If you don't, you risk damaging your neck.

Rics are a bit tricky - check out this Set-Up Guide if you have not come across it by now.


It appears it has all the information you will ever need for a proper set-up of your Bass Guitar.
Either you love Ricks or you hate them. My problem is that I'm a sucker for the tone, but technically they are a disaster. Dual trussrod for a simple four string bass? Fail! That pickup cover is certainly in the way. I don't like the balance either.

A friend of mine has a so called Ibanez Lawsuit 4001 copy. Those were discontinued, because of legal issues. It has only one trussrod and plays like any other Ibby. It also doesn't have that idiotic stereo output. If this friend decides to sell thas bass, I'll probably buy it.
Uh oh!!! The D String is wrapped around the Post in the wrong direction … LOL

Jay - everything you say about the Ric is my sentiments exactly.
Awkward, unbalanced, and heavy. My overall opinion of the Ric - overpriced for what it is.

Chopps didn't mention if he bought it used or new, but if you are unhappy with it overall. I'd return it if that is anyway possible. If I had an extra $2K to spend on equipment. I'd buy a nice Bass plus some extra toys to go along with it. Make the most of it, stretch that Dollar to benefit you in the long run.
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That pick up has that cover cos the original 4000 pick up had two horseshoe magnets and now its just for looks. Ive always admired the Ricky bass,especially in Geddy Lees hands but ive never lusted after one
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Geddy Lee tossed his 30 + years ago and hasnt looked back almost 110% J bass now. I didnt buy the Rick, No punch no power maint nightemare as well. We ran the thing through every imaginable amp they had and a squire J out performed it. Some guru tech at GC rigged it through everything but a snare drum. IMHO Rickenbacker has nerve asking for that kind of money for a really bad bass. I'll stick with Fender and epiphone.. Cant go wrong Sorry if I offended anyone
I doubt you offended anybody, as TBJ mentioned - “Either you love Ricks or you hate them”

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I never really cared for the way they looked.

I believe the bassist for Tool used a ric for their Opiate album. But he uses so much effects I don't think it matters what bass he played with.
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No offence taken, maybe it just a poor example, but youre right about the two grand price tag, im into Stingrays and for two large i could get a 1976 pre Ernie Ball MiusicMan Stingray and a Mexican Jazz Bass with the left over cash! Piss take!!
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I never really cared for the way they looked.I believe the bassist for Tool used a ric for their Opiate album. But he uses so much effects I don't think it matters what bass he played with.
Being a fan and never hearing of him using Rics I looked it up. Found nothing. The places I checked all said he only plays Wals, Stingrays and Thunderbirds
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Never liked the look of them either, the head reminds me of a bottle opener.

I really want an epiphone eb-0 but can you get one in a lefty? can you bollocks.
why do Gibson/Epiphone make nothing in lefty?

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