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A Good Teacher

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Hello Everyone!

Since I came on here almost two years ago, I have met some interesting people and even discovered that Marko was a fan of Culture Club back in the day ( I'm kidding of course Marko). Anyway, I feel like I have a family of friends on here who are the same, musicians of all different kinds. I'm not on here as much as I used to be, some of use can relate to having a family and it's tough. However, since I came on here, I met someone who has taught me the most about music, bass guitar and has made me a better bass player…Mr. Lon

Lon has taught me how to be a better listener for music and how to tab better as well. He has also taught me about arrangements, certain picking/finger styles and has been a major influence on me as a bass player since than.

I have been a bassist for 19 years, been in the same band for almost 10 years and you get to that point where you think that since you know what your doing, there's nothing really new and what you got is good enough. I thought that until I met Lon and I have learned so much from him and I am a better bass player. So, This is a major thank you to Lon. He's an incredible teacher and if I could shake his hand and say “Sir!,” I would.
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He's quite a guy
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I bet he's a snazzy dresser too.
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And I still like the way he walks.
johnny [staff]
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does anyone else imagine him as kurt russel?
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does anyone else imagine him as kurt russel?
No. I imagine everyone online as Danny Devito. I'm 6'5", so I feel like I could rule in a world full of Danny Devitos.

But Lon is a well dressed Danny Devito.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Damn, Twig, that's a hell of a compliment – so good, in fact, that I doubt I'll ever live up to it LOL All I can say is, if I'm a good teacher, it's only because I studied and learned from good players, and take the time to write down and share what I've learned with others. It really is as simple as that.

Mark, I'm 5'9, so I'm not near as short as Danny Devito. I don't know if I dress as well as him, but I do like to think I get more ass than he does. Though that's probably not true, him being rich and all.

Posts: 624
Well good credit is given when good credit is due. You're a good teacher and that's exactly what I have done. From everything you taught me, I have taken the time to write things do and learn from it. When you got a teacher, you can learn good It is as simple as that but you need a good teacher

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