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Calluses from Slap

Aye I don't usually post on the forums but I have a bit of an issue. I'm still fairly new, been playing for about a year and I took to slapping pretty early on. But I have an issue with my slapping thumb, my calluses come in cycles. It'll build up for about a week, and then it gets kind of swollen and blister adjacent, looks like a wart, and eventually I'll accidently pop it somehow and I have to start the whole damn process over again. Any safe ways I can remedy this or is it just something Imma have to put up with?

Also this site is the freaking best, so easy to learn or even submit a tab!
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Hi there, welcome, famous bass slapper, Mark King wrapped insulation tape round his slapping thumb, if its good enough for him its good enough for anyone
LoudLon [moderator]
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What Marko said. Insulation tape, regular tape, a band-aid, a thin cloth wrap, moleskin – whatever covers that bit of your thumb and provides protection.

Although if your thumb is blistering so easily, you may want to reconsider your technique. It could be you're brushing your thumb off the string after contact instead of bouncing it straight off (which after a while would culminate in something similar to friction burn or a blister on the side of your thumb) or it could be you're simply slapping too hard. Slapping doesn't require a lot of force.
Thanks I'll try using less force and having some tape, I didn't know Mark King did that! It could be I play for like several hours at a time haha

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