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Garage Inc. by Metallica

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Hey everyone!

I'm a relatively new bass player in a relatively new band with a few of my friends, and I'm interested in playing some of the songs from Metalica's cover album, Garage Inc. I'm having trouble finding tabs for either the original song or Metallica's version, and I was wondering if anyone new where I could find any of these tabs. Thank!
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you can buy the book for rhe entire double disc. it has sheet music and tabs. musicians friend, sheetmusicplus.com, and metallicas website will have it
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Do you mean Garage Days Revisited? The EP that Jason Newsted debuted?

I remember playing Crash Course in Brain Surgery about 20 years ago.

I could try to make a tab for it this weekend, but I've never written a tab before and I have a hurricane headed my way, so no promises.
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Nevermind. I see plenty of tabs for Crash Course on this site.
LoudLon [moderator]
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^^^ Just submitted one recently myself lol

Lots of good stuff on Garage Inc. Any specific tracks you're looking for?
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Just had a quick glance and looks like pretty much all the tracks from Garage Inc are already posted in the
Metallica section!

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