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Congratulations, Johnny!

LoudLon [moderator]
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Not sure if this is common knowledge or what, but BBT's very own boss man Johnny is tying the marital knot today, so I thought I'd give him a shout out. Many happy years to you, my man, and don't do anything on your honeymoon that I wouldn't do. Though there's not a lot I wouldn't do.

Congrats, man!
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Congrats Mr and Mrs Johnny, may the smile on your face come from the bottom of your heart
Congrats to both. May your marriage last longer than mine.
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Wishing you two the best! Cheers, Johnny!
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Good job Johnny. Congrats
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Take a little marriage advice from a guy who has been married for 17 years:

TheDude [staff]
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it was a really cool wedding, too.
johnny [staff]
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thanks guys it was great! I'm gonna be here for the next week and then I leave for the honeymoon

Here's a photo of the cake!

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Nice cake. You live in Slovakia, right? What sort of rituals do you do at weddings there?
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Nope. Slovenia. On the Adriatic. Used to be part of Yugoslavia (which is why Magnifico's cover of House of the Rising Sun is potent).

Slovakia is in central Europe, next to Czech Republic. It used to be Czechoslovakia.

You're from the USA, right Mark?

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