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Stereo and mono output jacks

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I ripped one my guitar apart to put the original electronics in it and I'm not sure whether to leave the output jack which is a stereo. I have the original mono output jack too. Here's the situation: I had an EMG in the bridge and a passive in the neck so everything is soldered except for the EMG pickup to EMG pot. I'll post a picture of the output jack, I'm just not sure how I want to go about this.

Edit: I'm using my phone and it's not letting me upload pictures for some reason
Need Marko's expertise on this one. This seems like a complicated issue, not sure why you want to have an Active pickup, and a Passive pickup working together. I believe you'll need more electronic work than what you have between your Passive and Active wiring guts, plus Pot Value will need to be upgraded if you have not done so.

I was curious to know if this can be done too … if you haven't come across it yet …. check this link out http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/the-tone-garage/active-and-passive-in-the-same-guitar-can-it-be-done/

Seems to be it can be done, question is. Do you want to go through this type of modification?

Let us know how you come out on this project ….
Nah I had a passive and active going. I'm restoring the original electronics to sell it. I already have the original volume pot back in, just don't know whether or not I can use the stereo jack for passives
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Tricky one this, a mono jack plug in a stereo jack will send half of the stereo signal to earth and the opposite will also do the same thing. I'd say put the mono in cos guitar leads use mono jack plugs, the pre-amp of the EMG will send the active signal to a mono output.
Thanks, plus the mono looks a lot easier to deal with

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