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Bass player forums, how would you rate them?

ThunderBassist Jay
Posts: 1054
There are a number of bass forums, other than bass tab forums, on the interwebz. How is your experience with these forums? Could you rate them on a scale from 1 to 10 (bad to excellent)?
- Do you use them to gain knowledge?
- Do you like to post in the off topic section?
- Do you have an account?
- Do you post?
I'm an active member of our national bass forum (Basgitaarforum) in the Netherlands. It's a simple forum with honest, helpful bassists.
I also joined the US TalkBass. A lot of fun is going on there. But… The mods can be rather agressive. One wrong word and they are immediately ‘on the case’.
Almost a year ago BassTalk247 started. They are a small forum with a lot of ex-TalkBass guys who got kicked out or were frustrated. Off topic humor is the driving force. I joined them as well, just to keep in touch.
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1932
Couldn't say. I've been on some guitar sites, but this is the first and only bass-specific site I've been on. And I dig it here, so I feel no need to explore others.
Posts: 143
Pretty much what LoudLon said.
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I'm on TalkBass - mostly as a way to get good used gear. But lots of really knowledgeable bass players there with many years of experience - you can learn some things or get help. I'm going to check out some of the other ones Jay listed. Cheers

And I wouldn't have guessed that Jay was from the Netherlands. I've been to Amsterdam numerous times, though I don't remember too much
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BBT, end of. I've worked in Holland, the digs were in Beesd, the site was in Zaltbommel and the boss lived in s.Hertogenbosch
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I've only checked out other bass forums when I've Google something that links to one of those sites.

I only participate here.

And with Jay's tan and affection for sleeveless shirts, I thought he lived in the US in the sunbelt somewhere.
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Must admit I thought he was from way out back in the Ozarks, with a swing on the porch while he serenaded Ellie May with his big double bass, a couple o Coon Hounds trying to sleep out front as the sunlight flickered through the trees
Nope, I live 23 feet below sea level. Every now and then I climb out of the pit to travel to sunny places elsewhere on the globe.
Posts: 143
Sounds like Western Europe to me, Jay.
Sounds like Western Europe to me, Jay.
Sure, The Netherlands

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