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so, yeah, this sucks...

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Last Saturday we had a terrible storm go through my area. In fact, my house was struck by lightning.

I lost a lot of stuff: brand new Carrier AC and smart thermostat - fried. My surround sound system - fried. The house intercom and cd changer - fried. Garage door opener - fried. Home network (router and backup hard drive) - fried.

The worst though was my Yorkville amp. Took a surge. It still lights up, but I don't get any volume out of it.

So today I call the shop that did repair work on it last year. The answering machine says it was open today and their website said open today from 12 to 4. So I loaded up the gear in my truck and drove 1.5 hours to find a closed shop. Mother fu#¥×%@$!

Drove back another 1.5 hours.

I'll try it again next week.

I think my Eden cab also took a jolt. One of the.cones sounds fuzzy.
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And yes, all my gear is on surge protectors.

Those don't do shit when your house is hit directly.
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Ouch! Sorry for your troubles. Major bummer! Compounded by 3 hrs of driving that achieved nothing. Hang in there!
That sucks. I may unplug my gear from now on
johnny [staff]
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wow that sucks. I remember a thunderstorm busting my granny's TV back in the 80s, but never heard of such damage.
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That sucks. I may unplug my gear from now on
Yep, even with my stuff on surge protectors I will always unplug when not in use.
That's unfortunate Mark - I've had the same thing happen to me once before. Surge protectors or no surge protectors, with a force of that kind of nature being back fed into a home, nothing will protect appliances other than unplugging each unit from the wall. It's a pain in the ass to do, but in the long run - you will not need to replace such “said” items.

Do you have Homeowners Insurance? If so, then most, if not all of these items should be covered under full replacement value. At least you took the steps to protect these items, but unfortunately - nothing stops the voltage of a lightning strike back feeding into a home.
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I do have insurance, but fortunately the AC is under warranty. It was installed a couple of months ago, and they said they cover this sort of thing. They said that before they realized how much of the unit was fried.

Everything is replaceable. My deductible is $500. If I can get my amp and speaker cab fixed for a couple hundred and replace my surround sound for a couple hundred then I won't bother with a claim.
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Electric sub stations have surge protectors, home surge protectors are powerless against lightening, bad craic dude
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So load this thread, and my iPod shuffles up AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Coincidence?

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