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Headphone Amp

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I'm new to all this, just picked up an Ibanez SR300 from my local music store along with a practice amp.

Was wondering about a headphone amp so I could practice without disturbing the family whilst trying to play along with music/tuition tracks.

Any better than others - Vox amPlug 2 Bass seems to keep popping up on the searches?

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Never used one.

My old practice amp had an output for headphones, so I would use that if I didn't want to disturb anyone in the house while I practiced.

Although now, I play in the basement, which is pretty well insulated to not disturb the family too much. But if my kids come down in the basement, I usually plug headphones into my pedal board and just play direct through that.

I'm not helping you with my response, but I'm just saying there's other ways to play “silently” without a fancy shmancy headphone amp.

I've also played through a capture device into my laptop, and plugged my ear plugs into the laptop to keep things quiet.

None of what I've done to play silent would be considered portable though.
I either use the headphone jack to the amp or use the irig with headphones and iPod. You can pick up a used irig for $20.
Thanks guys - portability isn't a must have for me - most of the time I'm referring to some tabs etc so usually in one spot. Whilst my practice amp has headphone output, it doesn't have line in, so I figured this would give me the functionality without buying a mixer.

Like I said - this is all new, so all suggestions are great fully recieved and I will look into them before spending any money. I figure research, ask opinion and then buy once.
Lots of cheap practice amps have music player in and headphone out if that is what you are looking for.
Try looking at ashdown practice amps and laney practice amps for affordable prices.
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I always use my 1000 watt Ampeg SVT head through the desk and out through a pair of 8x10 cabinets with all the knobs and sliders up to 11, if people don't like it they know where the door is, HELL YEAHH!!! Welcome aboard by the way
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It should be noted that Marko lives on a sheep farm, where his closest neighbor is miles away.

And he keeps his family locked in a cold damp cellar.
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…..and the gimp keeps a nice hot kettle on the boil
If my parents had let me get an amp when I was 16, I may have kept playing the guitar instead of selling it. You need to feel the bass, not just hear it. Marko is right! Turn it up to 11.
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^^^ …. 11.
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I'll throw in a second vote for the iRig. It works well enough for practicing and working out an arrangement. It has a 1/8" headphone out, so you may need an adapter for your cans.

Now, the app that it's designed for, Amplitube, is really cool. For playing a song, it has a pitch-neutral speed adjustment as well as a looper in the free version. I've used it a few times working on a passage that I just can't quite get - slow it down and play it until I have it, then bring the speed up and repeat until I'm playing full speed.

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