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Most epic bass solos of all time!

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10 years ago
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It's a common event when the guitarist gets almost all the attention during one of his/her epic solos,for example slash,santana,etc.However,we all know that bassists can bring down the house equally well, if not better.I'd like to know songs that have that electrifying bass solo that really made it the BEST.Know what I'm saying?
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I'm sure there are many but I can't think of any!
My Generation, The Who.
Aeroplane, try to not dance to that. Also Tommy The Cat.
One of the best is 5:15 by the who. Go to youtube and type in John Entwistle bass solo it will blow you away !!!
The bass solo that Johm Myung plays in Metropolis Pt. 1 by Dream Theater.
Anything when cliff burton was with metallica
jaco pastorius's “the pursuit of the woman in the red hat”…or any stanley clarke bass folk song….“american life” by primus…“the sinister minister” by victor wooten(bela fleck and the flecktones)…
I could go on forever…charles mingus…john myung…
Dreaming From The waist,track 13 on Who By Numbers.
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Anonymous 2 - Focus

Around 7 minutes onwards

Awesome bass solo

Anesthesia (pulling teeth)-Cliff Burton

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