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Most epic bass solos of all time!

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Accept: Princess Of The Dawn (live)
mr zee
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America by Yes. Chris Squires Ricky don't half growl through this one
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I may be my own population with my thinking, but I don't really like bass solos. Some of them are cool, and in a concert I like the energy that a good bass solo can bring to a crowd. But I don't think the bass is supposed to be a flashy instrument, or an instrument that needs to have it's own highlight in a song.

Honestly, a good bass line is a good bass line. What I get pumped more about with a bass line is when a bassist puts just a “little” something different into the bass line. Or throws that one note that completely sets a mood in the song.

I don't need a Billy Sheehan-esque display of 64th notes and neck tapping and slapping to dazzle me.
The Bassist
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I may be my own population with my thinking, but I don't really like bass solos.

I agree. Ive always thought that lead anything is boring as hell, one of the reasons I picked bass over guitar was so I wouldn't have to do solos. If I did guitar covers on my channel, I would do only rhythm because that's what I listen for whenever I hear a guitar solo. Ive tried to learn bass solos in the past and I cant make myself want to learn it. Back when I covered NIB, I started the backing track where Bassically ended.
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I like bass solo's that are short relatively simple but awesome at the same time. My favorite one has to be the one from “The Red and The Black” by Blue Oyster Cult. Bass solo comes in around the 3 minute mark.

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