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what do you think about this?
That's a difference of 8 Hz at 440 Hz, almost 2%. I remember covering an old Sex Pistols song with a 447 Hz reference for A. The difference can be heard immediately. It's like having an intonation problem.
Here are a few links:
I never investigated how or why there were different pitch frequencies within a Tuners parameters.
Thanks for the links Jay - and thanks for bringing it up cvillavicencio.

There is a difference, adds more grit and bottom end to what is considered Standard Tuning.
Nice option to try if someone is unable to tweak their amp to get a little more 'oomph out of their sound.
I often tune to standard D#, D or even C#. It's what makes the bass purr like a kitten. Many metal bands tune lower. It gives the composition balls. I remember covering God Save the Queen by Motörhead. That tuning was weird. It was right in the middle of D and D#. Let's say D+
Not a bad idea to do, I like keeping a sound that is gritty/dirt, punch, and pretty strong to solid low end - all rolled up in a “smack U in ‘da face” kinda of a feel. I like the sound that I can produce now, but I think I’ll explore this avenue of minor de-tuning and see if it sticks with me or not.

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