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What is everyone's bass

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This is really neat. You put you serial number and jazz into the bars and it tells you exactly when your bass was made, where and what year. I just discovered my Yahama was made in 1980. I got it two years later.

What's everyone's bass story?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Ran both my Austin bass and my Hamer guitar through and got bupkis. Pfft!
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Cool. Mine was made in May 2013. Got it June 2014
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My brand is not supported.
2003 Warwick Corvette 2-Band Active Jazz Rockbass
2006 Washburn P-Bass
2007 ESP/LTD 3-Band Active Dual Humbuckers
2011 SX Ursa - Jazz

The “go to bass” - SX Ursa Jazz. Somehow this bass outperforms the others I have in playability, comfort and sound. I went as far as to upgrade the Jazz pickups, figured I could tweak it a bit to get better results. I installed a set of Dimarzio DP123 pickups and after a good couple of weeks, I re-installed the stock pickups. Not that there wasn't anything wrong with the DP123's, to me it just took too much of the original Jazz tone away and surprisingly the stock pickups did a better job overall.

Washburn P-Bass - excellent tone, a bit heavy in weight, and has a typical fat bulky neck for my taste - other than that, this is probably the best sounding P-Bass's around which does not get much credit these days.

Warwick Rockbass - typical warwick awesomeness sound, very “hot” 2-band output, and not the most comfortable thing to play, but it has its place when I need it.

ESP/LTD - Typical Metal Bass - I can't find anything negative about this bass, EMG dual humbuckers + 3-band eq dials in pretty much any desired tone that one may be seeking.
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Your guitar was made in
October 2013
Production Number: 04469

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV purchased mine in Jan 2014
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I have a Squier short scale Jaguar and a hand built, by me, bass but my main bass is my OLP Stingray, these were built under license from Ernie Ball MusicMan, when the license ran out in 2009, MusicMan replaced them with their own Sterling models. I've heavily modified mine, the humbucker was originally wired as two single coils but I changed it back to a humbucker to great effect, I've also added the string mutes as found on the earlier Stingrays, these things are like rocking horse shit but I finally found some and it looks great. I've also aged it and given it a road worn look and the serial number got removed so I can't use this link…Doh!
I have fender jaguar
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This is really cool. It only works for Basses. I ran my:

Thunderbird - 1990
Spector - 1987
Hamer - 1984
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Doesnt work with Squier, crap basically
I have a peavy Millenium BXP and an Ibanez GSR200. My peavy needs some work but my ibanez… man she's HOT.

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