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Bass tab writing/design

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Does anyone know a piece of (free) software, to write, design and print out my own bass tabs? Currently, I simply drawn my own lines and write the notes on using a circle with the a number/fret in it, but would rather have a tidier way of doing it!
I simply want a piece of software that has 4 lines on it, with an option to choose then drag a circle with the fret position on it to to the required string. I've seen all the bass tabs written like that, but how do you do it?
Thanks in advanec,
LoudLon [moderator]
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There's Guitar Pro, Tab Pro. I used to use an older program called Power Tab. Still do occasionally. Just type the number on the line and there's a selection of note and staff notations to choose from, plus a score checker to ensure you have the proper number of notes per bar.

As for tabs here, though, I write using a simple template I made in Notepad.

I think it's called sheetmusic.com. I just google printable bass tab sheets and it comes up. Has all kinds of printable sheet music. And free!
With this website, you just click the bass clef symbol, and it gives you a few bars of tab space. As for printing it, you can just screenshot and print it.

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