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Albums with only or mainly a bassist playing ?

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Does anyone know any good bassists I can listen to who have an album or singles out (so I can listen to on Spotify) ?
If I were to give examples I would say Aram Bedrosian and Davie
I don't mind if there are other instruments playing, I just want to check out instrumentals where the bass is dominant or alone.
If anyone is interested I'm puting the ones I like on a playlist that I'm gonna share on Spotify
Well there's a Megadeth song called Dawn Patrol from Rust In Peace that's nothing but bass and vocals
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Thanks a lot but I'm more looking for solo albums like those bassists on youtube
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Like Stu Hamm?
Oh sorry, I see what you mean
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Try Squarepusher, hes all about da bass, no treble
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You could also learn a lot from J S Bach, theres a book available, ‘J S Bach for Bass Guitar’
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More like trip Wamsley, check out his albums they are amazing
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Don't know if it's solo, but I've been told Milky Chance's Sadnecessary CD has a lot of prominent basslines
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I think this might be the kinda thing you're looking for:

-Zander Zon
(Uses a piccolo bass. has original music and solo arrangments)


-Adam Ben Ezra
(Plays the upright bass. has original music and solo arrangments)


-El Ten Eleven
(Two piece that consists of a drummer and bassist who uses alot of pedals. they have 5 albums.)


These artists are some of my favorites!
they have taught me alot about exploring my instrument.
Please enjoy!
and lemme know what you think!
primus have a heavy bass sound, they do include guitar and drums but the bass is very loud. Mostly slap stuff but he do taps and does normal finger stuff. Check out the album ‘sailing the seas of cheese’ if you're interested, the bass on the song tommy the cat is amazing

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