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For the love of the music

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So I was recently jamming with some older guys. It was fun playing with other people. Had to quit. I didn't love the music they were playing. I mean it was nice learning some classics, but I struggled practicing songs. Bobbi Vinton, Terry Stafford, Elvis, Everly bros. Etc. The singer sang every song in a different key, so that was fun. Have to look for an 80's cover band or something. There's a Dio tribute band looking here. That could be cool.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I feel you, man. I have an uncle who used to be a professional musician. He's basically retired now but occasionally he'll get a call asking him to play a weekend here and there. He keeps inviting me to join in but man…I can't stand the kind of music his band plays. I love a wide range of music but I've never been much for country rock or country-fied versions of 80s pop music. I certainly wouldn't mind the extra cheddar gigging with his band would provide but the stuff I'd have to play, it's just not worth it LOL

Like you I'd love to hook up with a local band or put one of my own together, but every band and player in my area plays the same type of stuff my uncle does. It doesn't pay to be a 43-year-old alt-rock fanatic in eastern Kentucky, man LOL
johnny [staff]
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how bout some young people
Ya, i was totally avoiding the guitar because I didn't want to play the music. Since I stopped, I haven't put the bass down. Maybe now I can complete my tabs that are half done.

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