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Can anyone translate sheet music to tabs?

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Hi. Is there anyone out there who can translate sheet music to tabs? I'm a novice, but I've been asked to play with some friends in a jazz band and all they have is the sheet music.
johnny [staff]
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You can use guitarpro to do that actually. You can enter sheet music by clicking notes and it will automatically change it to tabs. It's however not difficult to learn by yourself. Just learn which note is which.
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This should help you:


The picture in the top right shows the correspondence between marks on sheet music and the note represented.

You could also search for a tab of your song here, or if not here, through another tab site (ultimate guitar, 911). I think there is a text link to 911tabs on the homepage here. Another place to look is the online sheet music sites (sheetmusicdirect). Sometimes they will have both sheet music and tab for a song.
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Use guitar pro or if you don't want to pay use tuxguitar which is the free equivalent
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if you want i could try to tab it out for you.
the bass lines are already written out right?

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