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Any thoughts about the Zoom b1on or b1xon ?

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The title says it all, I was wondering if anyone who owns it could tell me about it ?
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I don't have a multi-effects box - that what this is right? Might see what folks on the effects forum at TalkBass think. cheers.

Avoid this multi-pedal, it's a plastic piece of shit.
Mine sits in the original box collecting dust.
My conscience will not allow me to sell this to another person.
This pedal deserves to be set outside blindfolded, with a 12 gauge w/ buckshot pointed at it.
Then again, this pedal does not deserve shells to be wasted on it.

Pedal advertises as having “bypass” playability .. this is false, the signal is dampened and dull and sounds fake. The pedal may make some decent sounds to others, but it's digital and pathetic sounding to me.

Better off investing in 2-3 pedals and daisy chain them together for what this thing does.
Analog is the way to go, avoid synthesized and digital sounding pedals.

It's possible a 8-12 year old would find this thing to be cool, other than that - it's just another useless toy laying around and in the way.
“Analog is the way to go, avoid synthesized and digital sounding pedals”

Not to be confused by that above statement.
Avoid digital/synthesized processed pedals.

If you are looking into a synthesized pedal, then -
Analog, bypass-able, synthesized pedal is what you need.
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Wow, that is some serious hate, you have to give it that they never said it has true bypass and that it is extremely cheap compared to the price you would have to pay if you bought all of these analog pedals, and it also apparently has different drum rythms you can play with
Do not be deceived by the words “drum machine” <— another lie/deceit
It's not a drum machine, but simply a Metronome, with a speed control.

40 user and 40 factory Patch's -
Ok, so it has some storage. It's well thought of in that aspect, but you have to
keep tapping your foot until you reach the number you want - there's no fun in that.

when it comes to pedals or boards, my “rule of thumb” is. If the product is
less than $100 US Dollars, it's more than likely not worth investing in.

There is a reason why Analog (true bypass) pedals have a price tag on them.

I've had very good success with Tech 21 & Electro-Harmonix pedals.
I will continue to invest in these two products if and when the time is needed.

A person can have an inexpensive Bass and a decent amp/cab set-up, and a bassist will
and can have Pro Quality sound just with the two brands mentioned above.

My current Chain:

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Bass Muff Pi Distortion
Electro-Harmonix Bass MicroSynth Effects
Electro-Harmonix Enigma Qballs Envelope Filter Bass Effects
Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

It's better to save up monies to purchase quality, instead of throwing away monies on useless items such as the likes of the ZOOM BX1

Hopefully this was enough information for you. It should be a no brainer decision on your part.
You and others have been for-warned

Oh, by the way - this product is no longer being built - that in itself should say enough about this product … lol
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EHX isnt that overpriced. 88€ for a deluxe bass big muff is defenately a bargain. Also have you seen the next step bass wah? Sounds killer, is virtually indestructible (some dude threw it in the air and ran over it with a car and it still worked) and its the cheapest on the market when it comes to other wah pedals from reputable brands.
New EHX deluxe bass big muff pi runs around $120 US Dollars - a very good buy.
I have the Original Crybaby Wah - currently not linked into my chain, haven't had a use
for it as of lately. It gets used when I feel like playing some Black Sabbath or some old school Metallica, which seems to be seldom these days. Other than that, it sits off to the side collecting dust or used as a paperweight.

If I decided to upgrade my Wah - I would want to try the Fulltone MDV 2(mini deja'vibe)
or the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah. Both of of these seem to offer a lot for a Wah, yet both run
around $250 a pop….ouch!!! This is the kind of product I would “test drive” before I decided to spend a dime on either one.
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Top tip, build your own pedal board using Boss pedals, then you won't have 500 useless pre-sets, just exactly what you want
If you need a few sounds sometimes, once in a while and don't want or need or have the money to throw around to find out what you want. GET THIS!

For $50 you can try out 100 different stomp boxes, up to five at a time in any order you want like a real pedal board and see what you like.

Then if you find somethings you like and you want to believe the hype, then spend big money on the effects you like from listening to the ones on the B1on or, just keep using it, the B1on, once in a while for the sometimes sounds you need and continue enjoying your musical life

I've been using one since it's release. Using it on my gigs. I know it works because people dance, butts shakes, club owners pay me money I have never had anybody come over to me and ask “Is that a MXR envelope filter or an Electro harmonicx?” Never had that happen or, “What are you using? Because that doesn't sound as good as XWZ pedal”

People trip on this stuff too hard. If it gives you what you need, use it. If it doesn't, don't but don't tell others not to try. I dig the buying quality thing and if you are dialed into something. Get something that will last a lifetime. But most things are transitory, change over time. What is cool today is laid out with the garbage tomorrow. Better to be light on your feet for tomorrow than weight down with yesterday.
Zoom B1on, B1xon
Btw, it's 100 user spaces to save you own patches of up to 5 pedals or amp models in any order made from 100 effects.
pre programmed drum machine 68 patterns, turner, 30 second looper.

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