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Ukulele Chords...why?

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Here's a question…looking at Ultimate Guitar tabs…I wonder why there are more Ukulele tabs than Bass tabs?
I dont get it.
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ukulele's are sexier than electric guitars
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Due to his Ukelele virtuosity, George Formby was an unstoppable fanny magnet, he was fighting them off with a shitty stick. That's why
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Ukulele? Eletric Guitar? They stink

Long Life to God Bass!!
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dont talk shit about ukuleles
LoudLon [moderator]
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Tried ukulele when I was stationed in Hawaii. It didn't take.
johnny [staff]
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I bought one in Hawaii and I like it a lot
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Because the ukulele is pretty much the easiest instrument to pick up and play!
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I guess my original question should of read…Why are there more Tabs for the Ukulele then the Bass? It was something that I noticed, and couldn't understand why.

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Because I would venture to guess there are more people who play the Uke versus the bass.

Every guitarist I know has a uke.

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