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What's your favorite fretted string?

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I'm curious to know what string people like to play fretted notes on most. I prefer the A because it's never clunky like the E can be and it has a tone that's not too bright nor is it too tight sounding when you play higher frets on the E
B or E below the fifth fret. even better when you go low and start getting close to BEAD or F#BEAD.
I do really enjoy the tone of anything below after 6 on the E, if I go any higher it just sounds too compressed to me
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I have a favorite football team, Newcastle United, even a favorite MacDonalds shake, Banana, but a favorite fretted string? Not really
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My favorite is the G string, particularly when using folded paper currency as a pick.
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Not fussed on the G string, sore bum crack and all tha
The G string, I mean the one on the bass , isn't my favorite at all. That's why I converted my oldest bass to BEAD tuning. It's the pingy tone I don't dig. If possible I play the note one octave lower, or I play it on the D string. The strings that I fret most are A and E, often tuned like G# and D#.
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A string
I don't really have a favorite string, more so tuning, in which case would be drop Db or C# to some.

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