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Anyone out there ever heard of Rin Kagamine?

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Let the war begin!
Probably should've put something up. She is a Vocaloid. Anyone out there who has heard of that knows very well that this is very versatile. I've heard her on several dozen songs ranging from pop and crapstep to pure rock. I am currently seeking out the tab for the song “Don't Mylist Me” by this artist. If anyone can help me, I'd be very thankful.
The song is called “ Don't Mylist Me.” Somehow I screwed that up. Oops.
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That happens all the time on here. Is she Japanese?
Yes actually.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Isn't a vocaloid just a programmed computer voice? Like, a musician programs their lyrics into a computer and it sings them for them, that kind of thing? Or have I misunderstood the concept? Curious.
Um… I found some stuff on Wikipedia on that. There are a few links on there.
But most producers credit the Vocaloid for the song so……….yeah.

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