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EMG 81 wiring problems

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So I plan on possibly buying an 81 for my guitar today, but one major problem: the output jack is the opposite side of the control cavity. I'd be doing this on a Dean Mustaine VMNTX. Now, I already know I will have to solder the output but how and with what cable on the bus? It's just the 81 I'd be installing, no neck pickup.
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The Mustaine cant make its mind up, is it a Flying V or is it an Ibanez Jem 7V? I'd follow the Jem route and fit a set of Di Marzio Evolutions, (H, S, H) as on the jem, and a Floyd Rose Trem. I once owned a Jem 7 VWH, turned out to be a fake but it was virtually impossible to tell, I sold it to another sucker lol

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