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Look out for this "FBI" scam, guys!!!

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So, last night I looked up chord figures for guitar and all of a sudden a “FBI” warning came up on my phone saying that I had downloaded child pornography. Later on in the message it said that I owed $100. Android operating systems are the most hacked, so please beware everyone! This is not a joke! Here's a couple reasons I know it's fake even before researching this shit: 1. It didn't seem very legit since all I had to get rid of it was to restart my phone. 2. Cops would've most likely already got me, I mean I'm in high school and we have a cop there so that's a huge giveaway it's a scam. Again, beware of this! I was scared shitless when I first saw this, especially since I would never fucking touch anything like child pornography. Keep close watch on what sites you click on when you're on your phone or computer or whatever you use!!!
Here's a link to some answers: http://blog.yoocare.com/how-to-remove-fbi-virus-from-android-phone/
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Link likes the porno sites on his phone.
actually I got it through some youtube app on my app store. since my phone is an Amazon Fire I don't have access to Google apps which then makes it easier to download a app with viruses
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The Feds have no jurisdiction over here so it wont work on me

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