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37 Nation Armies

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I just counted thirty three versions of Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) on this site. Can we reach thirty seven by the end of 2014?(and, come on, is this really necessary?)And I later noticed that another thirty are listed as “7 Nation Army”. The song uses the word “seven” not the number “7”. Shouldn't those be eliminated simply by being incorrectly titled?
I agree that this could be cleaned up. Many copies of tabs just from a different person, but tabs are the same. I don't understand why someone would take the time to submit a song that has been tabbed already, unless fixing an incorrect tab. There are so many songs that still need to be tabbed.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I can see submitting a tab for a song which already has a large number of incorrect tabs. For instance I submitted one for Crazy Train because we have nearly thirty tabs for that one, and not one of them was fully accurate. There are also instances where a song may already have a five-star tab, but the tab is still inaccurate. But if there's already a fully accurate tab for a given song, I don't see the point in submitting a new tab for it.

There was some talk a while back about dropping multiple low-rated tabs for the same song, but that would require going through the entire index, tab by tab. Who has that kind of time?

Why not have just one set of tabs per song that anyone can contribute to like Songsterr? Im not saying there has to be a fancy tab player too it would just make this site easier to use, like doing a quick search for the only tabs instead of searching for the one you like most.
TheDude [staff]
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the main problem is how to make the transition from the current system to any alternative.

if all the songs were rated, we'd just show the best ones in the search and browsing, with alternatives shown on demand. the problem is, only something like 40% of the songs even have a rating. we've discussed quite a few options, and they're all pretty bad. losing content due to an incorrect selection system is worse than having duplicates, at the moment.

so pretty please, with sugar on top, rate the songs you play
johnny [staff]
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Who has that kind of time?

I think I can figure out a smart way to do so. We already know which tabs are more popular since we keep counts so we could do the popular ones first (and the ones with most versions). I think it's feasible. We just need to plan carefully.

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