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Christmas music

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Does anyone else play Christmas music this time of year? Last year I wasn't quite good enough to play. This year its on. The lower octave is decking the halls.
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johnny [staff]
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A couple of years ago our band played in a bowling alley and it was late December so we covered most of the “Tis the season” album by Los Straitjackets.

it sounded like this:

It was good as background music while people were bowling, but I definitely would not play that on an actual set where people pay money to see us
johnny [staff]
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Also, here's some christmas tabs
I never said anything about playing it in public. Lol. Thanks for the tabs. My son sings along while I play. Happy Festivus
LoudLon [moderator]
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I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges is still the best song with Christmas bells
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