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novice bassist questions

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I've recently learned that loop pedals exist. Are there any suggestions for a basic loop pedal that won't kill me wallet? Also if I wanted to make personal recordings with me phone, how would I go about that? Something I could share with friends nothing major. Thanks
I'd start off researching Behringer's products, they're pretty good for only 25-50 dollars. Not sure if Behringer sells one or not. Boss sells one for 180 but you could probably get a nice one used for 80 or 100
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Like this perhaps?


You can learn about this looper at TC Electronics

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i use my camera on my phone to record my videos of my loops but it doesn't really sound that good.
if you're trying to get them online you could just send it directly form your phone to facebook or youtube or whatever app you have.
it's like sending a text message.

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