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Which is the best tremolo pedal for bass ?

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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, I'm hesitating between the EBS tremolo and the Source Audio Orbital Modulator
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Here's a used EBS:


I don't have and haven't used a tremolo pedal (but they sound fun on YouTube!) but from a bit of digging around on TalkBass: lots of folks like source audio pedals - seem to be very versatile. (Too complicated and ugly for me though.) There is also a good deal of love for the solidgold FX Stutterbox (and they have a new Stutter-Lite) and for the EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird. I have a couple of pedals from each of these companies, and like them very much. I think I would want tap tempo on a tremolo pedal. cheers

Speaking of tremolo, is it possible to put floyd rose on a bass? You'd have to have some heavy ass springs in the cavity
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I think Warwick made some custom basses that had them
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in my opinion link,
you really wouldn't want a floyd rose on your bass.
i don't think it's something you would need (unless you want a whammy bar?),
and having it intstalled could cause a laundry list of problems.
if you find soemone whos good at what they do and you get good parts you could try it.
but if you're looking to get it done cheap i wouldn't even bother.
What is the point of having Floyd rose if you don't have a bar? They're a pain in the ass but they're fun if you know how to not break the strings
Oh okay I see what you're saying now! I thought you meant just put a Floyd on without a bar!
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If I were after a tremolo pedal, it would come down to these four:

solidgoldfx stutterbox
empress effects tremolo2
solidgoldfx stutter lite
earthquaker devices hummingbird
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Learned about this one recently: Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter. There's a pedal addict I know of and this is The tremolo pedal for him. It has remained on his board while every other pedal has been bumped by something new. The video makes it look and sound quite versatile. I've been able to play with one and liked it very much (much more than the EBS, which was very noisy).


This is an old, now discontinued product. You can find them on ebay and Reverb for as little as $60 for a used one. There's an New Old Stock (means it's been sitting on the store shelf for a long time and is unused/new condition) Shape Shifter on Reverb for $150.

Definitely worth checking out! Cheers

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