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Songs with awesome bass SOLOs. (yeah its different than that other thread)

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What are your favorite or most memorable bass solos? Here are two to get things started.

Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (Gary Willis; song is tjhelmerich@earthlink.net at (3:59 - 40)

Joe Jackson; song is Got the time at 1:50
Donny Hathaway Live, “Everything is Everything” (Willie Weeks)

Dennis Coffey “Scorpio” (Bob Babbitt)

Metallica Master Of Puppets “Orion” (Cliff Burton)

Metallica Kill Em All “Pulling Teeth - Anasthesia” (Cliff Burton)

James Brown “Funky Drummer” (Clyde Stubblefield)
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N.I.B. by Black Sabbath. The bass line at the very beginning is sick
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The Legacy by Black Veil Brides at the start of the song it's just amazing!!
Anything early Ozzy, Bob Daisley provides runs on every measure basically!
Maxwell Murders by rancid, Just all around impressive.
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Goodbye Hooray. Improv solo, Flea is the master.
Dream Theater-Metropolis Pt. 1 The Miricle And The Sleeper. Pretty epic tapping bass solo. I think it's about 5 Minutes in.
Also The Longest Beginning by Nonpoint. Ken MacMillan is awesome and starts right at the beginning.
Finally the bass solo/break in Tommy The Cat by Primus. If anyone dosen't know what I'm talking about go to youtube and look it up.
YYZ by Rush… awesome bass awesome drums!!

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