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Songs with awesome bass SOLOs. (yeah its different than that other thread)

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10 years ago
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What are your favorite or most memorable bass solos? Here are two to get things started.

Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (Gary Willis; song is tjhelmerich@earthlink.net at (3:59 - 40)

Joe Jackson; song is Got the time at 1:50
Donny Hathaway Live, “Everything is Everything” (Willie Weeks)

Dennis Coffey “Scorpio” (Bob Babbitt)

Metallica Master Of Puppets “Orion” (Cliff Burton)

Metallica Kill Em All “Pulling Teeth - Anasthesia” (Cliff Burton)

James Brown “Funky Drummer” (Clyde Stubblefield)
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N.I.B. by Black Sabbath. The bass line at the very beginning is sick
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The Legacy by Black Veil Brides at the start of the song it's just amazing!!
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Anything early Ozzy, Bob Daisley provides runs on every measure basically!
Maxwell Murders by rancid, Just all around impressive.
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Goodbye Hooray. Improv solo, Flea is the master.
Dream Theater-Metropolis Pt. 1 The Miricle And The Sleeper. Pretty epic tapping bass solo. I think it's about 5 Minutes in.
Also The Longest Beginning by Nonpoint. Ken MacMillan is awesome and starts right at the beginning.
Finally the bass solo/break in Tommy The Cat by Primus. If anyone dosen't know what I'm talking about go to youtube and look it up.
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YYZ by Rush… awesome bass awesome drums!!

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