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Show your videos on YouTube

I think that guy was my taxi driver when I was in Paris a few years back!
He also drives a Spanish taxi on the isle of Gran Canaria. The guy must be pretty busy.
Red Lenses of the Rush album Grace Under Pressure, first try for a cover
Great job!
funk punk
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Do It U.S.S.R. by The Lillingtons from The Too Late Show, released in 2006

A song about the Spanish Inquisition

hey guys this is a video I made for a school project it was a travel brochure for this book we read called the giver so I had to write about that. I made the song from garage band by prerecorded drums and recording my bass on to it with my vocals. I then just layered that into an audio on I movie and shot a music video because the travel brochure has to show scenery of the place.
A song about the Spanish Inquisition

Nice one!
Come Join Us, bass cover of Bad Religion's song about cults and sects.
nice one jay
nice one jay
Thanks! I had to improvise, as I couldn't properly hear the bass. The tabs I found were all wrong or incomplete.
Not a cover, but a Do-It-Yourself Pick. An old credit card, made from good quality plastic can be given a second life.

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