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DR Black Beauties

The Bassist
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Despite having played for near on eight years, Ive never actually changed strings before. I'm not concerned about the procedure, I believe I know what to do but Ive never shopped for strings before. I had my eye on some DR Black Beauties but unfortunately the reviews for them are about fifty fifty. Has anyone used them before and does anyone have recommendations for alternatives if they turn out not so great?
I've never really read any great reviews of colored strings, they always seem to sound like a waste of money. Get some Ernie Ball Hybrids
I agree with Link. The Ernie Ball hybrids are my favorite.

Apparently the coated strings are better than they used to be but still flake with heavy use. Bought some DR Neons for my sons bass. He doesn't play it much, but the strings feel sticky to me. Look cool though.
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Are the coated strings round wound only, or can you get them half and flat too?

I don't think I'd try coated strings on a fretless out of fear of messing up the finger board.
Hmm don't quote me on this but I think they've got flatwounds but I'm not 100 percent positive
Ernie Ball doesn't seem to have the gauge i need. I need medium strings (45-65-85-105-125) and for everything I looked at the low B for what they call medium gauge is too thick (130). Also I need extra long scale for a 35 inch string thru body. Ill look again to make sure but I dont remember seeing that either.
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45-105 is a standard set, you just need a single 125. And yes, plastic wound strings are crap, get half rounds instead
johnny [staff]
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I think that whatever you put on it will sound better than eight year old strings, dude
TheDude [staff]
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I think that whatever you put on it will sound better than eight year old strings, dude
you rang, m'lord?
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You can have a look at these sites, and both will get back to you with answers to questions to help you find strings that work for you:


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PS, you don't need extra long string for through body stringing, the average bass string is about four feet long, give or take a few inches

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