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I want to expand my knowledge

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Do You guys know any tabs like country, jazz, classical, alternative, noise rock, hardcore punk, or any good tabs that you think I should learn
I'd say start by playing songs that you enjoy and want to play. If I have no intention of playing say thrash metal, then I won't. Not to say that you can't learn anything from any genre, cause you can. Play what you enjoy.
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If you play with a pick, girl's not grey from AFI is pretty interesting to learn.
Try learning your favourite themesongs, even if they are not on bass, you can always transpose or find a transposed tab.
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I can't think of any by name, because I just woke up. But I'm a big fan of learning different styles and progressions.

If you're a song writer, learning other styles will help influence your songs and always keep things new and different. Nobody wants to write 20 songs and have them all sound like different tempo versions of one song.

I'd encourage learning popular songs of each genre. And learn from the following:

Reggae: absolute must for bassist to learn timing nuances. Anything from Bob Marley will be good (Buffalo Soldier, No Woman No Cry, I Shot the Sherrif)

Bluegrass: not a huge fan of the genre, but important to learn the simplicity and timing importance of bluegrass. Learn Man of Constant Sorrow. Soggy Bottom Boys version.

Country: country is tough to define, because new country sounds like pop rock with twangy vocals. If you want to learn country progressions and timing go classic. Willie Nelson, George Straight, Oak Ridge Boys.

Jazz: definitely learn jazz. Probably one of the hardest genres for a bassist, but when done right it sounds amazing. No particular song comes to mind right now. I used to “try” to play along to some old Stanley Clarke albums and Will Ackerman albums I used to have.

I need coffee. If I think of more I'll come back to this thread.
Good luck finding noise rock tabs. Most of the noise bands I listen to don't really have any tabs online
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Even though I love american 80s hardcore punk theres really not much to learn. Its rare to hear a bassline that isnt a copy of the guitar, or just the same note over and over. Im not sure but I think there were a couple of good ones on the sludgier Black Flag stuff, Flipper songs are bass driven so there are plenty of good sounding riffs, but also very simple and even though theyre not very “hardcore” when compared to the previously mentioned bands the Dead Kennedys also have some pretty good bass lines.
Good luck finding noise rock tabs. Most of the noise bands I listen to don't really have any tabs online

Posts: 330
Good luck finding noise rock tabs. Most of the noise bands I listen to don't really have any tabs online

How is that a hipster problem at all?
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cuz hipsters dig noise rock.
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I went to school for jazz bass so i could help you alot with that.
there's a tab i posted a while back that explains building walking bass line:


I also have a tab that explains chord/Scale theory which is a very important jazz concept:


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