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Crackling noise coming from amp

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So everytime I play my guitar through my bass amp it will usually cut out a bit. It gets real thin sounding and as muddy as can be. Unhooked both cords from the pedal to see if it was the guitar, amp, or cord. Both cords worked perfect, then when I hooked the distortion back up the same thing happened. Diagnosis?
johnny [staff]
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for starters you're playing a guitar through a bass amp
Try omitting the pedals. I had a modded compressor pedal that started to fail and it made a crackling noise. I thought it was the amp going, but it was pedal. Took it out of chain and nothing wrong.
for starters you're playing a guitar through a bass amp

Which sounds no different from a guitar amp
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I play my guitar through a Bass Amp and it definitely sounds different then when i play it through my friends guitar amp. The “Muddy” sound you're talking about is probably just the bass amp bring out the low end. The “thin” might be that the treble or mids are cranked to high on the amp or guitar. as far as it cutting out, the input jack might be screwed up on your amp or even your guitar. (if it's not the cables)
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Bass amps operate on lower frequencies than guitar amps, if it's not leads, jack plugs, jack sockets it could be pots, give them a squirt with some pot spray and twiddle the knobs until it penetrates the plates
Well I wouldn't really know the difference in sound cause I hook my mixer up which gives me a way better tone no matter what I'm playing. So I don't mess with my amp EQ, just my mixer. Found out my pedal was dying. Fucking pedals

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