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lemmy kilmister

punk bass man
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I really love lemmys style and sound .sadly i cannot afford a rick and a marshall stack so i was wondering if there is a decent bass effects pedal that can get lemmys tone .cheers
LoudLon [moderator]
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Wish I could help you, bro. I play well but I know very little about stacks and effects and all that. Though it does occur to me that I've never tried playing any Lemmy or Motorhead. Not that I dislike them, it's just never crossed my mind. Lots of bands out there, some stuff just happens to get forgotten about in the shuffle. I need to remedy that.
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Have a read of this:


It says Lemmy doesn't use any effects, plays a Rickenbacker with vol and tone all the way up, bass and treble all the way down on the amp but the mids way up, and gain maxed out.

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Pretty sure he was also using a modified Marshall guitar amp head but with a bass cabinets until he got his signature Murder One unit.
But as previously posted loads of mids and gain/overdrive should get you somewhere close

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