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What's the best deal you got on a guitar?

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I recently picked up a cheap electric guitar, Nova I think, and a Samick 40 watt amp for $35.
I turned around and traded the guitar and amp for an Epiphone Gibson Flying V Bass. Needed a little polish and a setup, but sounds nice.
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Peavey 2x15 cab for $50.

I'm pretty sure it was hot, because the serial number was scratched off.

Yeah… Definitely hot. Definitely.
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not a guitar, but I got a park marshal bass amp for £10
My old Thunderbird bass and case was only $100. Saved me 300 bucks
Just bought a new SG on July 4th and got a Boss Metalcore pedal for only 10 bucks. Those pedals run for either 80 or 90 new I'm pretty sure

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